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new 4/10/2004

I just called the shop (my uncle's shop) and they gave the the code they believe it was showing. They said it was either P102 or P103...they just put a rebuilt Jasper engine in for me (at no cost of mine) so I took it back there. if you know what those codes are for it would be great to know, because i loved how it ran and sounded but I don't want to fork out another $400 if it just isn't going to work with my car. I have read that sometimes the cone filter gives the air temperature sensor a problem.

Josh Landrum

98 torreador SHO

Lexington ky


P0102 is a valid code and it is MAF related. Here is a series of flow charts on troubleshooting

It says use pinpoint test DC2 which follows:

DC3-DC6 follow

DC7-DC10 follow

“Clean MAF, if problem persists, replace”.

This all sounds like a dirty MAF. Could of probably been fixed by going to Radio Shack to get some contact cleaner and cleaning the MAF.

You say “i loved how it ran and sounded”. Trust me, it ran worse than it does now. The underhood area where the cone is gets mighty hot mighty fast and all you were doing was getting a cool sound, no more performance, and on hot days, much worse performance.



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