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P0131 Code

new 10/26/2007

 I took the SHO into emissions last night. As I pull into the station lot the
SES light pops on. GREAT!! I tested it anyway. P0131 low voltage blah
blah... The local parts store has the sensor. Would lack of use cause this
to come on? The car sat outside since April. Is there something else to try
before I replace the sensor? If I need to replace it, where is it and how
difficult will it be?


Dave Manke
96 TR/Tan
There's a good chance that giving the car some exercise will help -
i.e. "Italian tune up".
I've had several catalytic converter code issues on restart of
cam failure resurrections that just got better with time. I'd try
driving it for a week or two, maybe a good highway trip if possible,
just to get things good and "woke back up" before I'd try replacing
Won't hurt to clear the code. Some times they are just single shot and
don't come back.

Eric Lehmann
97 Ebony 42k Welded - With the Angels Now so that I don't have to be.
Long Live the Garage Queen !
96 Medium Willow Green Metallic 103k Resurrected, Welded, Eaton M90 inside
96 Rosemist 72k 2006 Best Of SHO, Popular Vote, 2007 Best Gen 3, Welded
96 Medium Graphite 120k - Resurrected, Welded
97 Pacific Green - Parting this one Out
Here's the beauty behind it. My stickers expired in Sept. They won't pass my car because of the code which will not allow me to get my stickers to have my plates be legal again. with my Puerto Rican luck I will get nabbed. I think a can buy a 30 plate for $8 so I can at least drive it.

If I drive it and the SES light goes off does that mean the code has corrected itself or is it still lurking in there and will be picked up when I retest? The reason I ask is I had the SES light pop on a couple times before the tranny finally puked, generally when I drove the car hard. I always thought it was a result of the tranny failing. Would running some heat or something thru it help?

Nimz told me the that sensor is located by the alternator so I shudder the thought of having to replace it. Sounds like fun!!!

Dave Manke
*Lucky you live in WI Bro!*

If you take off the surge tank and runners and get nice and comfy laying on the engine you can get back there pretty easily. I personally prefer using a stool to rest my legs on so I don't get back pain when leaning over.

Daniel Holtman

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