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P0446 Evap System


What is the cure for this code?

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OBD-II Code Data


EVAP Canister Vent System Range/Performance
Possible Causes

Setting Conditions

Canister vent (CV) solenoid stuck closed (partially or fully)
EVAP canister purge outlet tube blocked or kinked between the canister purge valve and the EVAP canister, or EVAP canister tube blocked or kinked between the fuel tank and the canister
EVAP canister restricted, or plugged CV solenoid filter unit
Plugged or contaminated CV solenoid filter
EVAP canister purge valve stuck open
Fuel filler cap stuck closed (no vacuum relief)
FTP sensor VREF circuit open, or FTP sensor is damaged
Fuel vapor elbow at the EVAP canister contaminated

Cold engine startup (ECT sensor less than 90║F), engine running at a steady cruise speed, and the PCM detected excessive vacuum was present in the EVAP system during the EVAP Monitor Test.


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