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P1121 and P1744

new 11/08/2008

They just keep coming for me.....

I will be looking at the bottom side in the morning for the O2 sensors for the P0430. Tonight while cruising down the HWay, the car started to somewhat stumble. As I got off and came to a light, it died. Restarted--died. restarted, ran. Got to a Murrays and checked the codes. P1121 and P1744. P1121 is throttle position sensor not consistent with MAF/MAP sensor. P1744 is torque converter clutch solenoid circuit performance.

I am guessing that the 1744 came first then the 1121 with inconsistent measure among the TPS and MAF (pushing the throttle and nothing happening even though I have some rpms).

Can anyone fill me in on the TC situation, or does it mean something else??

TC solenoid does not allow the converter clutch to unlock and remove the 1 to 1 drive into the transmission. When you slow down it is just like leaving a standard in gear while hitting the brakes. Engine stalls out.

GM 125C transmission where bad for it on those the solenoid was on the front of the transmission and you could just unplug it.

Most times when the car is shut off for a minute the solenoid reverts to an open state and allows the fluid pressure to release the clutch

The clutch should be locked up at warm cruise in 3rd or 4th gear and unlocked under decal, and acceleration or in 1st, 2nd, reverse and park.


Hmmm...OK. So where is the solenoid on this trans? Is it easily replaced?

I will say that there were times that I was running around 75 and tried to pass. As I pushed the pedal, the rpms wouldn't jump---like going into passing gear or dropping out of OD. Then, gradually it would build rpm's so that I could pass but not very quickly.

IIRC on the SHO it is in the trains under the side cover on the end behind the LF tire.

Could be wrong though.


Here is a nice link to replacing solenoids and/or valve body in car.


Ed note: our thanks to the guys at TCCA, a fine resource for many things about our cars!


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