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P1121, P1132, P1152

New 01/27/2005

The car started to stall and run like crap and did not turn on the check engine light but I got it to pull some codes with it running

should I just try to change the TPS and see if it fixes it

Thanks Nick

Continuous Memory DTC P1121 indicates the TP sensor is inconsistent with the MAF sensor.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) P1131 bank 1 (Cylinder 1) and P1151 bank 2 indicate the fuel/air ratio is correcting rich for an overly lean condition. The HO2S voltage is less than 0.45 volt. DTCs P1132 bank 1 (Cylinder 1) and P1152 bank 2 indicate the fuel/air ratio is correcting lean for an overly rich condition. The HO2S voltage is greater than 0.45 volt.

I'd suspect a bad or contaminated MAF sensor. Try cleaning the MAF sensor. Check the connection to the MAF sensor. Do you have a K&N or other oiled air filter?

Glen Murdock
Port Lavaca, TX


Here is what Ford says to check.
Possible causes:

Fuel system

Induction system

EGR System

Base engine

  • Check intake air system for leaks, obstructions and damage.
  • Check air cleaner element, air cleaner housing for blockage.
  • Verify integrity of the PCV system.
  • Check for vacuum leaks.