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07/18/2007 - updated 11/08/2008

Error code P1413 showed up on my 96 the other day. My pocket scan

reference book shows any code starting with #1 as manufacturer specific. Any

ideas on what code this could be?

Jason Dorney

96 Red/Welded


1996 Ford Taurus SHO 3.4L


OBD-II Code Data



Secondary AIR System Monitor Circuit Malfunction


Possible Causes

Setting Conditions

  • Secondary AIR solenoid power (B+) circuit is open
  • Secondary AIR solenoid circuit is shorted to ground
  • Secondary AIR pump damaged
  • Solid State relay is damaged
  • PCM has failed

Engine started, engine running with AIR system "off", and the PCM detected an unexpected "low" voltage condition on the Secondary AIR monitor during the CCM test.
This code sets in 2 Trip(s).


Our thanks to Pfish

Can anyone help me please. I am trying to find out how to test the solid state relay or connector for voltage and ohms, does anyone have a test lay out.
99 Silver

The test procedure will tell you to install the break out box which you don't have. If you are prepared to back probe the PCM connector and the SSR connector then here is the wire diagram.

Paul N



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