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PA Attorney General on Our Side

new 2/22/03, updated 2/26/03

I've written you many times regarding my SHO and it's cam problems. I also talked to you on the phone about what to do next. I also have a couple articles on the v8sho web page discussing the way Ford has treated me. My SHO will be rebuilt with a different motor and I'll have welded cams. You recommended Protech in my area and they have it now and I'll be picking it up this week. I have been without my SHO for 3 months and the anticipation is getting strong.

Here's what I think you will find interesting. You may want to share this on www.v8sho.com and with the lawyers in the lawsuit. Today I got a letter from the Attorney General of Pa. As you know I filed a grievance with them against Ford. Ford wants to settle with me!!!!!! I'm no lawyer but the letter implies fault on their part to me. You and our lawyers can determine it better than me but why would they want to settle if they are not at fault. As of now I have about 7,000 in bills regarding this failure based on the estimate Pro tech has given me. Fords offer of $3,000 is not acceptable to me. I'm going to wait till I hear from you, possibly your lawyers, and will contact my lawyer as well. As of now keep me as a part of the lawsuit. I'm attaching copies of the letter from the Pa. Attorney General Office and the letter Ford sent them. WHY DID FORD TELL EVERYONE THEY NEW NOTHING AND NOW THAT THEY HAVE YOUR LAWSUIT AND THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF PA. ON THEIR BUTTS ARE THEY WILLING TO PAY UP. To me it is a little to late. If in the beginning they would have admitted problem and offered me $3,000.00 I would have taken it and been quite but now I'm just pissed and want ALL my money back. 

Hope you can read the letters clear enough as I scanned them and than condensed them to make them a decent size. If you need them resent let me know. If you have comments, suggestions let me know. You have taken this problem to great lengths, filed a lawsuit, informed a lot of people of potential problems and I want to help anyway I can. THANKS BUFORD FROM ALL THE SHO OWNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bradley DeGroft

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If they are liable for triple damages, car rental, meals, hotels, lost wages, ect, they just offered you about 20 cents on the dollar. A good deal for them, may be not for you.  Maybe we should all be contacting our State Attorney General?

It does make you wonder how many folks they paid off cheap, folks who would not settle so cheap if they knew every every SHO had a design defect?

Happy V8SHO can help,

Thanks for the update,

Timothy Wright 

I don't see any harm posting it on the web page so go right ahead The more government agencies on Fords butt can only be a benefit In case you net it I'm attaching the link to the Pa. Attorney Generals web page where I got started at.


Any further help let me know


Our lawyer thought having many AG on our side may help,

Mike Holhut thought he may try the same thing in his state, may I give him a copy?

If we can do this in 5-10-15 states it can only help.

I will give our lawyers a copy,

May I put it on V8SHO?


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