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PCM Location and Replacement

New 6/23/04

Does anyone know where the exact location of the PCM is on the car???


 On the passenger side of the firewall under the removable windshield pan. 8mm to remove the plug and 10 to remove the firewall mounting plate. It is not possible, at least in the ways I have tried.

Carter Fuji

10 mm for the nut on the plug to the CPU.

11 mm for the nuts that hold in the face that locks in the cpu to the firewall.

Remove the upper passenger's side Black Plastic valance under the windshield wiper. You will need a flat blade for older OEM fasteners which go 1/4 turn or a Phillips head to remove the newer fasteners which spin out like a regular screw. Then remove the lower Valance which is held in with 3 - 5.5 mm head screws. There are also a couple of spring clips holding the 2 sections together which must be removed. Then use the 10m to undo the plug on the CPU. Then use the 11 mm to take off the faceplate mounting screws for the CPU. CPU is directly behind the center of the surge tank.

-- Eric Lehmann

Eric, that's what I said in less words, I think I also have to remove the FSTB before the PCM will come out from between the firewall and engine. I have taken it out so may times it wasn't a problem even doing it at night on the side of the road in the dark (had the chip slip out of position and make the ECU kick into limp mode).

Carter Fuji


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