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Packing List for the Next Convention

New 7/25/05

Those who went to the convention: While it's fresh in your mind, please look over the packing list below and see if I'm missing anything. Yes I know there are some repeats. Thanks for your help.

Van Oss

*** Logistics and Supplies
Cell Phone And Charger, Phone List
FRS or CB Radio
Caravan Info
Hotel Reservations
Convention Paperwork
Maps or Atlas
Coins for Tolls
Camera, Batteries, Supplies

*** Personal Comfort and Convenience
Long-Sleeve Shirt and Long Pants for Track Events
Light Jacket
Rain Suit or Umbrella
Swim Suit
Glasses, Medications, Toiletries
Sun protection: Lotion, Umbrella, Hat, Sunglasses
Beverages and Snacks
Cooler, Mugs or Cups, Water Jug
Lawn Chairs
Wet Wipes, Paper Towels, Tissues
Towel to wipe sweat or cover head & neck from sun

*** Car Show
Cleaning: Bucket, Mitt or Sponge, Car Vac
Wiping: Paper Towels, Q-Tips, Rags, Chamois, Clay Bar
Chemicals: Glass Cleaner, Tire Dressing, Armor-All, Wax, Polish, etc.
Awards or Other Car Info to Display

*** Track Days
Helmet - Snell 2000 or 2005
Long-Sleeve Shirt and Long Pants
Lawn Chairs
White Shoe Polish
Extra Oil, Brake Fluid, and Coolant
Race Tires, Jack, Torque Wrench, Brake Bleeder
Tire Pressure Gauge

*** Tools and Spares
Tool Box: Wrenches (torque, socket, lug, etc.), Screwdrivers, Pliers, .
Spare Parts: Spark Plug Wire, .
Code Scanner and Manual
Small Tarp, Jack, Jack Stands
Extra Oil, Brake Fluid, and Coolant
Tire Pressure Gauge

*** Kids
Entertainment or Reading Materials, Art Supplies, Games, DVDs
Swim Suit
Beverages and Snacks
Pocket Money
Wet Wipes, Paper Towels, Tissues
Game Plan for what kids will be doing while you're talking cars

> Long Pants for Track Events
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Forgot that one. Thankfully the staff at the drags overlooked it.

> Swim Suit
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That's optional.

I think you forgot a cooler for all the beer you'll be drinking and fireworks for SHOnut to play with (might also want to bring earplugs).


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