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Palm Bay Florida Cam Weld Experience 

new 7/24/03,2/3/2004


I wanted to take a few moments to tell you about my cam weld experience in Florida this past Saturday (7/19/03) when I had the cams welded on my 99 SHO. The service was performed by Carlos Leon in Palm Bay Florida. Carlos is new to this group as far as the cam weld fix but after talking with him he does have quite a bit of experience with SHO's. He is a full time ASE Certified mechanic at a local shop and has been providing mechanical work on the side for a family members Gen II and Gen III SHO's over the years. He has a 96 SHO that he purchased with a cam failure and completely rebuilt the engine and welded the cams. The car looks and runs beautifully now. 

I live in Titusville, Florida which is about 40 miles North of Palm Bay. I delivered the car to his home Friday night so that he could begin work early Saturday morning. While I was there he showed me his very clean garage set up (yes he does this work at his home), welder and weld settings (he is a certified welder as well as mechanic). I drove back down to Palm Bay Sunday morning and found my car washed and ready to go. He performed the following for $430.00

1. cleaned out the intake
2. wiped down the butterflies 
3. checked valve clearances
4. changed the plugs
5. rotated the coils from front to back 
6. performed a nice weld job

My trip back to Titusville was excellent. To quote someone else's statement from the website "the drive home was the sweetest ride I have had in my SHO since that fateful day when I learned of the cam issues".

Please add me to the list of happy folks who had their cams welded by Carlos Leon in Palm Bay Florida. Carlos can be reached at  LnCarlos@aol.com.


Art Shutt
Silver Mist 1999 SHO.
Welded Cams!



I'm not on the email list, but wanted to pass on that I had my 96 welded in Palm Bay by Carlos, he did a nice job.

Tim Henderson

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