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Parts List With Prices


I put together a list of part numbers using the parts catalog at www.motorcraft.com   and got prices from www.rockauto.com  I'm sure there's errors in here so don't blame me if you use the list and get the wrong part.


Well then what is the point bud?? Seriously, that took a lot of hard work. Thanks Rekka  err I mean Ian

Ian's List of SHO part listings and prices courtesy of Rock Auto and Motorcraft.com


Description Motorcraft Part # Rock Auto's Price OE Part # OE Part #  
AC Compressor YC187 $276.79 F6DH 19D623 AA F6DZ 19703 CB  
AC Idler Pulley YS228 $28.89 F6DZ 8678 A K0C A9120 01  
Fixed Orifice Tube (orange) YG343 $3.20 F5DH 19D990 AA F5DZ 19D990 AB  
Fixed Orifice Tube w/Orifice Tube YF2007 $26.89 E5VH 19D695 RC E5VY 19D695 B  
Accumulator and Hose Assembly w/Factory A/C -Tank, SW & Hose Assy YF2463       Common to all 96,97 Taurus and Sable
Accumulator Installed - Tank & Hose Assembly YF2766 $101.99     Common to all 96-99 Taurus and Sable
Condenser - Quick Disconnect YJ364 $142.89 F6DH 19710 AB F6DZ 19712 A  
Condenser - Threaded Connector YJ437 $163.79 1F1H 19710 BB 1F1Z 19712 AA  
Liquid Line/Hose - Refrigerant Hose- Factory Installed #2 to Evap YF2390 $48.89 F6DH 19A704 BA F6DZ 19835 BB  
Manifold and Tube Assembly - Refrigerant Hose YF2502 $120.79 F8DH 19D734 CA F8DZ 19D734 CA  
Liquid Line/Hose - Refrigerant Hose- Factory Installed - complete assembly- condenser to evaporator YF2655 $68.79 F8DH 19N651 BA F8DZ 19835 BB  
Adapter or Fitting - high side- cap assembly YF1803 $3.04      
Adapter or Fitting - Charging valve YF2090 $3.20      
Adapter or Fitting - Low Side -Cap Assembly YF2122 $4.45      
Accumulator and Hose Assembly Factory Installed Tank & Hose Assembly YF2766 $101.99 F7DH 19C913 EA F7DZ 19C836 EA  
Blower Switch YH588 $6.61 F4DH 19A642 AA F4DZ 19986 A  
Clutch Cycling Switch YH1462 9.54 95BW 19E561 AA F6RZ 19E561 AA  
Damper Door Switch w/Factory air YH1448 $13.51 F6DZ 19B888 AB F8DH 19D961 AA  
Damper Door Switch -Evap housing 2 vacuum port YH1531 $24.79 YF3H 18A318 AA YF3Z 18A318 AA  
damper door switch plenum chamber 1 vacuum port YH1652 $7.20      
damper door switch heater YH531 $14.55 F2DH 18B357 AB F2DZ 19B888 B  
vacuum checking switch YG193 $4.09 D7OZ 19A563 A F3TH 19A563 AA  
a/c and heater control connector-motor-heater blend door -white female 8 leads WPT100 $28.79 1W3J 14B475 AA 1W3Z 14S411 AB  
Connector -switch heater blower front black male 4 leads WPT103 $23.79 1U2J 14B475 BA 1U2Z 14S411 BA  
connector switch ac compressor clutch cycling black female 4 leads WPT169 $25.79 1U2J 14B475 AEA 1U2Z 14S411 AEA  
connector ac clutch black male 2 leads WPT173 $15.35 1U2J 14B475 AJA 1U2Z 14S411 AJA  
connector switch ac high pressure black male 4 leads WPT303 $21.79 F4XH 19D701 AA F4XY 19D701 A  
Valve Core YF2090 $3.20      
O-Ring 5/8" Spring (Tube lock coupling) YF1134 $1.39      
O-Ring 3/4" Spring (Tube lock coupling) YF1319 $0.54      
O-Ring 3/8" Spring YF990 $1.14      
O-Ring 1/2" YF991 $1.38      
AC Clutch Hub YB539 $208.99 F6DH 19D649 AA F6DZ 19D786 AB  
Remanufactured Alternator GL354RM $236.89 F6DU 10300 DD F6DZ 10346 DRM  
Alternator Connector -black male 3 leads WPT119 $20.79 1U2J 14B475 UA 1U2Z 14S411 UA  
Ignition Coil DG465 $100.99 F6DU 12A366 AB F6DZ 12029 EA  
Remanufactured Starter SA821ARM $169.79 F6DU 11000 AA F6DZ 11002 ARM All 96-99 Taurii
Connector - solenoid-canister vent -black male 2 leads WPT322 $16.96      
Battery Switch Cable WC9429 $42.79 F6DZ 14300 AA F7DU 14B060 BA Starter Cable
Battery BXT36R   YU2J 10655 ABA   650 CCA, 810 CA, 130 minute reserve, 10.25'x7.18"x7.79 (LxWxH) 41 lbs
Surpentine Belt JK3-243A $8.70     SHO only
Water Pump Belt JK6-905 $30.79     SHO only
Upper Rad Hose KM3036 $21.79 F6DE 8260 EC F6DZ 8260 EA  
Upper R.H water bypass 3 KM3233 $14.60 F6DZ 8548 E K0C A6263 00  
Upper R.H water bypass 4 KM3234 $14.60 F6DZ 8548 F K0C A6264 00  
Upper R.H water bypass 5 KM3235 $11.02 F6DZ 8548 G K0C A6265 00  
Upper R.H water bypass 6 KM3236 $11.02 F6DZ 8548 H K0C A6266 00  
Upper R.H water bypass 7 KM3237 $6.60 90445 472J8 F6DZ 8548 J  
Upper R.H water outlet KM4634 $7.70 F6DH 8A507 AA F6DZ 8A507 AB  
Lower Rad hose KM4396 $34.89 F8DC 8B273 AA F8DZ 8286 AA  
Front Organic Pads BR35B $43.79 1U2J 2C452 JA 1U2Z 2V001 JA  
Front Organic Pads - V6 BR37B $49.79 1U2J 2C452 LA 1U2Z 2V001 LA  
Front Severe Duty Pads BRSD601 $60.79 2U2J 2C452 ABA 2U2Z 2V001 AC  
Front Rotor V6 BRR46 $68.79 YF1J 2C502 BA YF1Z 1V125 BA  
Front Rotor V8 BRR68 $78.79 YF1J 2C502 EA YF1Z 1V125 EA 96-97 T-Bird, 95-02 Conti, 96-98 Mark VIII, 96-97 Cougar, 01-04 Sable, Taurus
Front Left Caliper with Pad BRCL32RM $83.79 F4DZ 2V131 BRM RM2U2J 2C579 BA 94-99 Taurii, 93-93 Continental
Front Right Caliper with Pad BRCL33RM $83.79 F4DZ 2V130 BRM RM2U2J 2C578 BA  
Front Left Caliper BRC32RM $60.79 F4DZ 2V121 BRM RMXU2J 2C463 AHB  
Front Right Caliper BRC33RM $60.79 F4DZ 2V120 BRM RMXU2J 2C462 AHB  
Front Disc Hardware Kit BRPK5616 $10.75 1F1J 2C535 BA 1F1Z 2V321 BA  
Front Caliper Bolt or Pin BRCK5060A $13.57 1F1Z2386AA    
Rear Organic Pads BR71B $42.79 1U2J 2C453 PA 1U2Z 2V200 PA  
Rear Rotor BRR51 $43.79 YF1J 2C502 DA YF1Z 1V125 DA  
Rear Left Caliper with Pad BRCL15RM $112.79 RM1U2J 2C581 BA XF1Z 2V563 AARM  
Rear Right Caliper with Pad BRCL14RM $112.79 RM1U2J 2C580 DA XF1Z 2V562 AARM  
Rear Left Caliper BRC15RM $97.79 RMXU2J 2C465 EB XF1Z 2V553 AARM  
Rear Right Caliper BRC14RM $97.79 RMXU2J 2C464 EB XF1Z 2V552 AARM  
Rear Disc Hardware Kit BRPK5617 $9.48 1F1J 2C535 DA 1F1Z 2V321 DA  
Rear Caliper Bolt or Pin BRCK14082A $13.30 1R3Z2386DA    
Front Right Wheel ABS Sensor BRAB103 $27.79     96-00 Taurii
Front Left ABS Sensor BRAB104 $39.79      
Rear Right ABS Sensor BRAB55 $39.79      
Rear Left ABS Sensor BRAB56 $46.89      
Brake Light Switch SW2258 $10.22 F0OB 13480 AA FOOY 13480 A 90-99 Tauri
Parking Brake Connector-solenoid brake shift park interlock black male 3 leads WPT210 $16.67      
Connector-brake light switch lamp stop black male 3 leads WPT108 $19.76 1U2J 14B475 GA 1U2Z 14S411 GA  
Connector-Sensor brake fluid level tin terminal black male 3 leads WPT118 $20.79 1U2J 14B475 TA 1U2Z 14S411 TA Alternator Connector??
CV Joint inner and outer boot kit (incl clamps clips grease) TS165 $38.99 F3DZ 3A331 C    
Inner CV joint Left TX401 $159.79 2F12 3B437 AB 2F1Z 3A427 AA Discontinued?
Inner CV joint Right TX260 $230.79 F3DW 4B402 BA F5DW 4B402 FA F5DZ 3B437 B
Outer CV Joint TX250 $156.79 F5OY 3B413 A    
Inner CV boot kit TS174 $55.79 F5OY 3A331 A    
Outer CV boot kit TS177 $25.79 F6DZ 3A331 AA    
Inner CV Joint TX364 $206.99 F6DW 4B402 DA F6DZ 3B436 DB  
Left CV complete assembly CVH41RM        
Right CV complete assembly CVH40RM        
Transmission Filter Kit FT128 $19.96 F5DP 7G186 BA F5DZ 7A098 AA  
Fuel Injector CM4823 $95.79 F6DE 9F593 B5B F6DZ 9F593 BA  
Fuel Injector CM4875 $65.89 XF1E 9F593 B5B XF1Z 9F593 BA  
Injector O-Ring CM4806 $8.20 F6DZ 9229 A K0C A2516 00 OBSOLETE? (SHO ONLY)
Fuel Pressure Regulator CM4840 $32.79 F6DZ 9C968 CK   SHO only
Coolant Temperature Snsr DY719       Superseded
O2 snsr DY745 $54.79 F5MF 9F472 B2B F5MZ 9F472 B  
Air Charge Tmp Snsr DY720 $14.01 E4AF 12A697 BA F5AF 12A697 AA F5AZ 12A697 A
Idle Air Control Motor CX1658 $57.79 F6LE 9F715 AC F6LZ 9F715 AC  
Injector Connector- black male 2 leads WPT260 $12.21      
Air Flow Snsr Connector-black male 6 leads WPT102 $33.79 1U2J 14B475 AA 1U2Z 14S411 AA  
Oil Pressure Switch SW978 $6.55 D2HF 9278 AA DOHZ 9278 A E1HT 9278 AA
Temp Sending with light- mech instrument cluster SW2328 $7.51 F1SF 10884 AA F1SZ 10884 A  
Temp Sending with light- SHO SW5174 $10.27 F77F 10884 AB F7DZ 10884 AA  
Breather Cap EC743 $4.62 F3AE 6766 BA F3AZ 6766 B  
Connector- switch-oil sending unit-black male 1 lead WPT616 $20.79      
Courtesy Lamp Switch SW5195 $12.03 F7DB 13752 AA F7DZ 13752 AA  
Cruise contrl swtch -black w/lettering "on-off" actuator SW5915 $28.79 F6DC 9D780 AA F6DZ 9C888 AB  
Cruise contrl switch-black "resume-set-coast" SW5916 $28.79 F6DC 9D780 BB F6DZ 9C888 BC  
Cruise switch- deactivator SW5949 $17.77 F6DB 9F924 AB F6DZ 9F924 AA  
Door Open Warning Switch SW5528 $7.28 XF1A 14018 AA XF1Z 14018 AA  
Headlight Switch no autolamps SW5526 $76.79 XF1T 11654 AA XF1Z 11654 AA  
Headlight Switch with autolamps SW5527 $87.79 XF1T 11654 BA XF1Z 11654 BA  
Ignition switch SW5011 $22.89 F4DC 11572 AA F4DC 11572 AA  
Ignition Lock cylinder SW6383 $44.89      
Neutral Safety Switch SW5198 $39.79 F5DP 7F293 AB F5DZ 7F293 BA  
Multi-function switch SW5583 $56.79 YW3T 13K359 AB YW3Z 13K359 AB  
Cruise Cntrl Cnctor-actuator speed control black male 10 leads WPT762 $37.79      
Door Jamb Connector-switch door ajar/interior lamp gray or black male 2 leads WPT146 $15.35 1U2J 14B475 BAA 1U2Z 14S411 BAA  
Door Jamb Connector- switch deck lid ajar blk male 2 leads WPT441 $18.31      
Door Lock Connector- actuator decklid natural male 2 leads WPT312 $17.95      
Door Lock Connector Switch black female 7 leads WPT400 $30.89      
Electric Mirror Connector switch natural fem 8 leads WPT117 $25.79 1U2J 14B475 SA 1U2Z 14S411 SA  
Electric window connector motor black fem 2 leads WPT520 $23.89      
Headlamp Connector WPT110 $19.76 1U2J 14B475 JA 1U2Z 14S411 JA  
Ignition Switch Connector WPT577 $44.79      
Courtesy Lamp Connector-door lamp gray male 2 leads WPT113 $15.35 1U2J 14B475 MA 1U2Z 14S411 MA  
Courtesy Lamp Connector- footwell lamp cream female 2 leads WPT356 $15.23      
Neutral Safety Switch connector WPT389 $32.79      
Radio Connector WPT624 $23.79      
Speaker Connector-gray male 2 leads WPT416 $24.89      
Speaker connector- tweeter WPT819 $31.79      
Stop Lamp Switch Connector WPT197 $18.94      
Turn signal lamp connector-front cornering/turn lamp WPT105 $19.76 1U2J 14B475 DA 1U2Z 14S411 DA  
Turn signal lamp connector- front turn/marker lamp WPT109 $19.76 1U2J 14B475 HA 1U2Z 14S411 HA  
Power Seat Connector- lumbar blk male 2 leads WPT374 $22.79      
Power Seat Connector- switch black fem 8 leads WPT379 $30.89      
Pwr seat connctr- lumbar gray female 2 leads WPT544 $16.92      
Power seat conctr- motor power seat track gray fml 6 leads WPT599 $24.79      
Rear Window Defogger connector WPT371 $15.38      
Connector- switch overdrive cancel WPT375 $27.79      
Connector-switch inertia gray male 3 leads WPT446 $23.79      
Connector- trunk release WPT469 $20.79      
Connector-transceiver PATS WPT293 $29.79      
Connector- roof accessory harness switch moonroof WPT628 $20.79      
Connector- Module anti-theft black male 16 leads WPT632 $40.79      
Visor Lamp Switch Connector WPT562 $15.33      
Data Link Connector (OBDII) WPT355 $21.79      
Hood Ajar Indicator Switch Connector WPT536 $16.01      
Speed Sensor SW6012 $26.79 F8DP 7F293 AD F8DZ 7F293 AD Not applicable to SHO
Air Pump CX1598 $132.79 F6DE 9A486 BC F6DZ 9A486 BA  
Air Management Valve-Superseded by-pass CX1646        
Air Management Valve CX1903   F6DE 9F491 DB F6DZ 9F491 DB  
EGR Valve CX1556 $36.79 F6DE 9D475 B4B F6DZ 9D475 B Discontinued use CX1742
EGR Valve Gasker CG744 $7.45 F6DZ 9D476 AA K0C A4621 01  
Coolant Temperature Snsr DY961 $15.87 F5AF 12A648 AB F5AZ 12A648 AB  
Throttle Position Sensor DY967 $26.99 F4SF 9B989 AB F4SZ 9B989 AA  
Fuel Vapor Storage Canister CX1671 $50.79 F6DX 9D653 BA F6DZ 9D653 BA  
Vapor Canister Purge Solenoid CX1687 $32.79 F7DE 9C915 AA F7DZ 9C915 AA  
Air Charge Tmp Snsr connector WPT428 $22.79     Power window motor connector?
EGR Valve Connector Sensor Delta Pressure Feedback WPT188 $33.89 2U2J 14B475 AA 2U2Z 14S411 AA  
Knock Sensor Connector WPT410 $20.79      
O2 Sensor Connector- brown male 4 leads WPT112 $18.43 1U2J 14B475 LA 1U2Z 14S411 LA  
Crank Position Sensor Connector WPT579 $16.62      
Oil Filter FL400S $4.14 E4FZ 6731 AB XW4E 6714 EA Diameter in Inches  2.98 Length in Inches  4.72 Thread Size  3/4 - 16 ADB Valve Material  Silicone RVOP Setting PSI  12.5-18.5 Efficiency @ 20 Microns %  80% Capacity gr  7 Burst Pressure PSI  200
Air Filter FA1630 $6.59 F6DX 9601 BA F6DZ 9601 B Length in mm   254.4 Width in mm   180.5 Height in mm   40.0 Initial Restriction (mm H2O)   3.9 Initial Efficiency %   90.0 Final Efficiency %   94.0 Capacity gr   90.0
Fuel Filter FG800A $10.57 E7DE 9155 AA E7DZ 9155 A Part Number  FG800A Fuel Type  Gasoline Flex Fuel Type  NO Number of Connectors  2 Connector Type  Quick Connect Inlet Dia in Inches  5/16 Outlet Dia in Inches  5/16 Return Dia in Inches  N/A Overall Length in Inches  5.7 Body Length in Inches  3.1 Material  304 s/s Efficiency@ 20 Microns  99.90% Efficiency@ 8 Microns  98.00% Dust Capacity  2.5 grams min Burst Strength  150 psi Body Diameter in Inches  3
Cabin Air Filter FP54 $14.97      
PCV Valve EV234 $3.73 F6DE 6A666 G2A F6DZ 6A666 GA SHO only
Radiator Cap RS103 $4.82 1W13 8101 AA F6DZ 8100 A  
Right Fan Motor RF157 $105.89      
Left Fan Motor RF219 $105.89      
Coolant Temp Snsr Cnctr gry male 2 leads WPT206 $19.15      
Coolant Temp Snsr Cnctr Swtch sending unit blk male 1 lead WPT476 $23.79      
Cool Level Connector-blk male 2 leads WPT372 $24.79      
Heater Valve YG374        
Automatic Temperature Control Sensing Unit Potentiometer YH1558 $13.06 F6DH 19C733 AB F6DZ 19C733 AA  
Auto Temp Cntrl Snsng Unit Located in Instrument Panel YH479 $10.23 E8OH 19C734 AB E8OY 19C734 A  
Blower Motor Connector -resistor-front-natural-female 4 leads WPT115 $37.79 1U2J 14B475 PA 1U2Z 14S411 PA  
Blower motor MM892 $59.79 1F1H 19805 CA 1F1Z 19805 AA  
Fuel Cap FC961 $13.76 XU5A 9030 JB XU5Z 9030 JA  
Sliding Roof Motor Complete incl harness and module MM780 $231.79      
Sliding Roof motor- motor and bracket only MM784 $272.79      
Connector- power antenna motor WPT234 $19.07      
Connector- glove box WPT314 $14.83      
Connector power window driver WPT546 $29.79      
Connector motor windshield wiper WPT158 $20.79 1U2J 14B475 BNA 1U2Z 14S411 BNA  
Wiper Blade front right WW2001 $10.78 F8PZ-17528-MA    
Wiper Blade front left WW2401 $13.97 XF1A 17B437 AA    
Winter Wiper blade front right WW20WA $9.56      
Winter wiper blade front left WW24WA $12.74      
Premium Wiper blad FR WW2001P $8.08 2U2J 17528 JA 2U2Z 17528 JA  
Premium wiper blade FL WW2401P $10.40 2U2J 17528 LA 2U2Z 17528 LA  
Wiper motor WM497 $74.79 F6DU 17B571 AB F6DZ 17508 AA  
Washer Pump WG300 $18.44 F6SU 17664 DA F6SZ 17664 BA  
Spark Plug, optional platinum fine wire- nickel plated shell AWSF32FM        
Spark Plug AGSF32FMF4 $3.98      
Water Pump PW344 $320.79 F6DZ 8501 B K0C A6100 00  
Thermostat (190F/88C) RT1122 $49.79 F6DZ 8575 A K0C A6010 00  
Thermostat Gasket RG593 $5.68 F6DZ 8255 A K0C A6314 00  
Remanufactured Transmission TRM1000 $1,845.79 F7DZ 7V000 BRM RM2U2J 7G497 BGA TAG: PNB-EA - ENG#: F7DP-7000-BA - TRAN: AX4N
Front Shock Bushing AD957 $18.10 YF12 18183 BA YF1Z 18183 BA Discontinued
Rear Shock Bushing- Insulator assy- w/abs upper mount AD974 $9.55 F6DC 18A192 AA F6DZ 18198 AA All 96-04 Taurii
Rear Shock Bushing- w/abs mounting AD975 $13.27 F6DC 18A103 AA F6DZ 18198 BB All 96-04 Taurii
Lower Ball Joint MCS104217 $41.79     96-02 Taurii, 95-02 Conti
Sway Bar link or kit front left lower MCS18194 $33.79     96-02 Taurii, 95-02 Conti
Sway bar link or kit front right lower MCS18195 $33.79     96-02 Taurii, 95-02 Conti
Inner Tie Rod End MES3344 $27.89      
Outer Tie Rod End MES3349 $26.79      
Power Steering Control Connector-pressure switch WPT260 $12.21      



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