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Paul Nimz' Clean Intake

New 10/19/04

Paul has been running a catch can which collects the oil vapors that Ford routes into the intake manifold creating a lot of issues. This is an update on the effectiveness of that device. - Buford

Took the intake off today and am quite pleased. Very little oil in the surge tank and on the runners. Maybe a tablespoon of oil collected out of the surge tank. The primary butterflies and valves are spotless and the secondary ones have a slight build up of carbon. Hard to get good pics but here are some.

When looking at the valves about half are gray and half are black. Even some of the secondary valves have a gray coating on them. IIRC these are my original FIs out of the '97 motor and would have about 125k on them. The intake in the picture has been on since July of 2002 with about 35k miles or use. All with a condensation can of some sort.

Paul Nimz
 '97 TR
 '93 EG mtx

Looking into runner bottom Looking into runner manifold bottom
Looking into runner manifold top Looking into runner
Looking into valve Runner manifold top

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I'm much disappointed to see that 5 of the 8 coils on my car have cracks in either the base or the back. Theses have been in service since 3/02 with about 35k on them. Wonder what the dielectric strength of powder coat is? Sure would have been nice to have the rear valve cover powder coated too.

I cleaned the IRM to new condition, I will say again there is no way that any product introduced into the intake will clean this more than a minor bit. It took 5 cans of spray, a small paint brush and my finger to get the crud off with only a light coating of carbon. You have to physically wipe the carbon with something unless you immerse the part in a parts cleaner and let it soak.

Paul Nimz

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