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Paul's Gauge Fitment

New 8/10/05

Here's the plate I made to fit over the ashtray area fitted with the five gauges I am going to use.


A lot of you guys must have machine shops or something close. What's  it made from? Is the Oil Temp for the tranny? And why are you interested in vacuum? - Michael Hurd

What's the plate material? Nice fitment so far. Are you going to fiberglass it in there or just find a way to secure it with fasteners or epoxy? - Louis

I used 1/8" thick polypropylene. Very easy to work with. I already fastened it with one 5" screw through the center and into the back of the plastic ash tray holder.


Vacuum is the best gauge for fuel economy. My boost gauge does basically the same thing odd thing is that depending on which side of the O it is further away from the mileage is either fantastic or downright sucks!

Carter Fuji

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