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Paul's Window Crises

New 4/27/05

Seems the left rear window motor is not wanting to do it's thing anymore.  Plenty of volts getting to it and the Pug is getting cranky not being able to poke her nose out.

Mine is unfortunately riveted in.  If I remove the motor will the window fall down????


On 4/25/05, Brad Bender <bradbender2@msn.comwrote:
Oh, c'mon Paul - that's too easy!  Niks has a nose?  How does she poke it out?


Hahahahahaha! Great picture! Proves she has a nose, but I still don't see how she can "poke her nose out". :)

PS - did she levitate the SHO?

Brad Bender

> PS - did she levitate the SHO?

Only when her ears start flapping in the wind...


I thought that was the locust swarm sound effect to clear traffic..


News Flash 4/28/05

With the Guidance of Glen I have found the three bolts that hold the window motor in.


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