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Photocell Adjustment

New 7/12/05

From: Paul Nimz <pnimz@v8sho.com>
To: `V8 sho@v8sho.com <v8sho@v8sho.com>; Mike Frey <mike21b@dejazzd.com>
Sent: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 11:59:44 -0500
Subject: Re: headlight switch problem

You can adjust the photocell amplifier.  This will change the amount of light required to turn them on and off.  The timing function is in the headlight switch. 

On 7/11/2005 11:12:03 AM, Mike Frey (mike21b@dejazzd.com) wrote:
> I remember asking that question a couple years ago - if there was an
> adjustment knob somewhere. The thread rapidly degraded when finding
> "some pot somewhere behind the dash" was discussed.
> The only adjustment on the dash of a
> '97 SHO is the delay for the time that the lights stay on after shutting the car off.
> Jim Pasquini wrote:
> Thought you could adjust the sensitivity of the autolamps on the dash? JMP On 7/11/05, Mike Frey <mike21b@dejazzd.com> [link: mailto:mike21b@dejazzd.com] wrote: Yes, all lights come on as if the headlamp switch were activated. On mine, the auto lamps turned on a little later than I liked - virtually everyone else on the road would have had their lights on by then - so, I placed a small black disk that partially obscures the sensor. Now, they come on at about the right time - including rainy days. Daniel Holtman wrote: No, but that brings up a question of my own: do your interior lights and parking likghts come on with the autolamps? With my autolamps, the only thing that turns on is the headlights themselves. the interior lighting in the cluster, radio/HVAC, etc. doesn't
> come on, nor do the parking lights.

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