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Picture Evidence of an Almost Cam Failure


Should I tell him to put it all back together and start it just one more time?

I've been helping a fellow off list with an odd engine noise. Here's
what I got in my inbox tonight.

Looks fine to me.....(TIC)

Eric Lehmann
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Click on the thumbnail to see the big picture
I know, I'm Cartering.

2 things.

1 - this is an obvious double cam failure. I'll try to get info from the owner.

2 - these are some of the best "at death's doorway" pictures I've
seen, and I think they should go up on V8SHO.com in a warning box or
"Think you're having an impending cam failure? Look at your sprockets
and then look at THESE"

In the words of the great ones "another one bites the dust"

Loukas Zannopoulos

I agree on those pictures being a good example, and they should be put up on the site. Maybe they could be arrowed though too for anyone who's not exactly sure what they're looking at/for. I mean I know it seems pretty obvious, but just to help Joe Schmoe researching the V8 SHO and then wanting to know more about this problem he had never heard of before.

- TIM B. -
Previous '96 Silver Frost

We've seen a few like that. Just a turn of the key from failure.

Doug Lewis
Ford Performance Specialists Inc
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