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Possible Cam Noise

Thanks to George Gadebusch  - new 10/11/01

It’s time to stop children, 
what’s that sound?
Everybody watch what’s going down….

Buffalo Springfield

As mentioned before, my motor has been making clicking sounds for quite some time (almost 50k), started very quiet and has been getting louder. I'm not sure if it's the dreaded camshaft sprocket problem or a bad need for the valve shims (I have 84k on it).

I've made several .MPG clips that have been mailed to Tim Wright for analysis. If anyone is interested in hearing it, let me know. Please only ask if you think you can provide some useful insight (I have a pathetically poor dialup line and the files are quite large, approx 1mg each). Otherwise, I'm hoping Tim can post them for others to hear.

96 ES
w/Noisy valve train


Make sure they're labeled "possible" cam sprocket noise as I don't want to jinx anything!

MotorClick1.mpg   (977 KB)

MotorClick2.mpg   (1.02 MB)

MotorClick3.mpg  (1.33 MB)

These are movies with sound, to my ear they sound the same, you need not download all 3!

Timothy Wright

That was my motor in the .Mpeg on the website and I can assure you the noise did not go away at speed, just got somewhat lost in the other motor/wind sounds.  Also, the ticking was not evident at initial startup,  yet appeared within minutes of warm-up.

I too drove for several weeks/months with the noise and was living on borrowed time.  I ended up parking the car for a few weeks while trying to decide how to repair.  After massive welding, all appears to be OK.

Scott, sorry to hear about your troubles...that just SUCKS!  These damned cams are getting to be an epidemic!

George G.
96 ES

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