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Possible Salvage of 96 SHO

new 1/14/2004, 2/12/2004

I am writing to you in the darkest days of any SHO owner can imagine. I will save you the specifics but my '96 SHO (Silver) was recently totaled due to flood water. Water was completely over the roof, and inside the interior, for approximately 5-6 hours. I am currently awaiting my insurance companies final details on what they are going to do and what options I have w/ the vehicle. 

Almost one year earlier I had the cam failure issue (see cam failure #153). I corrected that by replacing the motor w/ a lower mileage engine, and having the new motor's cams welded prior to installation.

My purpose of this letter is to get a feel through V8SHO.com and other owners if their would be any interested parties in buying the salvageable parts. If it wouldn't be too much to ask, could you post this letter on the website for me? It would be very appreciated. You can edit this letter however you may need to, to post it. I know its a little lengthy.

I will give you some more of my information to help any interested parties:

Contact by e-mail first please: (click link below)

I currently live in northern Kentucky (10 min. south of Cincy)

Vehicle is '96, Silver, 143K miles (on body), approx. 125K (on motor)

Vehicle was in above average condition at time of flooding.

Once again Larry, I can not express the feelings of losing such a fantastic car that I loved like a child, but I know I gotta move on. 

Thank you for your time and help you can provide.
Steven G. Glover 

OK this is the great experiment. If successful I will continue with postings such as this. RULES ARE SIMPLE - No on list communication or chatter about this. All communications are to be directed to Steven Off List and directly. If you click the link on his name above you'll be able to email him.  If this works, I will post others that come my way for this purpose. DISCLAIMERS ALL APPLY.




Hello Larry,

My 97 sho cam failure happened @ 110000 miles. I replaced the engine
and have torn down the old one. To try and collect some of the expense
back, I want to sell the good parts from my old engine. So, I thought you
may have some contacts that would love to have my old parts as spares for
their racing needs.
My block, crank, right rods and most of the pistons are still good. 
The right cylinder head and two cams are undamaged also. I even have a
set of 99 stock injectors ( my replacement engine was a 99 from the bone
yard and the wiring harness changed ) that someone may want. 
I hope to hear from you soon 

Phillip Smith

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