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Potential Consequences Of No Routine Coolant Flush in GIII


OK, Break it to me easy. Took the car in today for
it's first coolant flush and fill. (98 orig. owner with 66k). Joe Auto Lab calls me to tell me I have leak at the pump (almost corroded through the starter which is conveniently located right below the pump)...long story short, the pump needs to be replaced and starter will soon if corrosion get's worse. Thermostat needs replace and the lower rad hose is about worn through from the rad fan rubbing into it (another nice blue oval design).
Says he'd make the system worse if he did the flush and fill...hmm? can't
understand that. ~$900 total quote! I did look under the car and he
wasn't sandbagging, leak is so slow that it does even drip to the ground. Rad hose does have a small wear in it but can be corrected w/o replacing the whole hose. I'll
give it to him that the pump needs replaced, question is what's the normal pump life on a genIII? Cost for replace? To difficult to replace by a small time weekend do it yourselfer? Best cost on a pump itself?



I would think about replacing every hose on the car. You need the
factory hoses for the radiator (www.rockauto.com   [link: www.rockauto.com ])
but the rest can be replaced with over the counter bulk hose. I would
look to rock auto for the pump too.

This can all be done at home as long as you are comfortable removing the
MAF tubing and the cowl. The oil cooler lines are a goody metric size.
1/2" is too small and 5/8" is too big. The heater core lines can use bulk
heater hose size but I cannot remember what the actual size is.

What would worry me is if the pump is that corroded it is leaking I wonder
what the heads look like, or the heater core?


Do the gen3's suffer the same electrolytic reaction in the coolant like the gen2's do? I thought it was from the iron block and AL heads in the gen1/2's but I'm not sure. I know even though I've flushed my Opal Frost's coolant every year, I wonder if that same type of thing is what has caused his WP to get so bad on his car.


The electrolytic action is greatly reduced. But 8 years of the same coolant is bound to be acidic. And aluminum is very susceptible to this. Much more than iron. Don't forget the steel gaskets too.


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