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Power Steering Line


Thanks to Paul Nimz (SHOZ123) for this fix.

Parts you'll need:
1 - 24" x 3/8" O.D. hydraulic line with 3/8" male NPT ends
1 - 3/8" barb x 3/8" male NPT brass hose fitting
1 - 3/8" female NPT x 3/8" brass compression coupling
2 - SS hose clamps

Tools you'll need:
- plumbers tubing cutters (mini size)
- various metric and SAE wrenches/sockets
- hacksaw
- 3/8" NPT tap kit (including drill bit)
- Teflon tape
- RTV silicone (optional)
- large Phillips screwdriver
- turkey baster (optional)

1. Using turkey baster, remove all PS fluid from reservoir. (Fluid could possibly flow back through pump and leak all over engine when line is removed)

2. Disconnect leaking line at top of PS pump.

3. Using tubing cutters, cut hard line back by transition to rubber line, leaving ~2" hardline for compression fitting.

4. Cut old hard line right behind nut for PS pump using hacksaw or sawzall. Using large Phillips screwdriver, punch remainder of hard line out of fitting.

5. Using 3/8" NPT tap kit, drill and tap fitting. Teflon tape the 3/8" male NPT to 3/8" barb fitting and thread into old hardline fitting.

6. OPTIONAL: Cover old hard line fitting with RTV silicone, and thread back into PS pump. NOTE: Do this only if you have issues with the threads sealing. Use of RTV silicone requires the car not be run for several hours after application for silicone to set.

7. Take new hydraulic hose and Teflon tape one end. Thread 3/8" female NPT to 3/8" compression adapter to hydraulic hose and tighten down.

8. Test fit hydraulic hose to remaining hardline on car. Measure hydraulic hose against barb fitting and mark for cutting.

9. Using hacksaw or sawzall, cut hydraulic hose to length. NOTE: hydraulic hose contains steel mesh and is extremely hard to cut. Wear protective eye covering.

10. Connect compression adapter to remaining hardline and tighten down. Slide hose clamps over cut end of hydraulic hose and press hose onto barb fitting. Tighten down hose clamps.

Daniel Holtman

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