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Power Steering Problems


For one thing pulling the battery cable off while the car is running is an excellent way to fry the alternator and other electronic parts. The alternator will see no load and the voltage will max out. Usually somewhere around 17 V or so.

If the steering is very hard to turn it is either the pump or the rack. When the car is running at idle it doesn't take long to circulate the entire contents of the PS system. You should be able to see the fluid turbulence inside the reservoir when idling. If there is no turbulence the pump isn't pumping or it is blocked.

  1. Mechanical Electrical
    • Tire pressure, loose wheels.
    • Loose tie rod ends, inner ball joints.
    • Loose suspension retainers.
    • Loose universal joints.
    • Loose connecting bolts on column intermediate shaft.
    • Loose steering gear assembly.
    • Improper drive belt tension.
    • Binding or misaligned steering column.
    • Power steering pump, fluid level, hose leak or line restrictions.
    • Open Fuse 8 (5A), 23 (5A) or 20 (5A).
    • Connectors damaged.
    • Vehicle speed sensor damaged.
    • Power steering pump actuator valve damaged.
    • Generic electronic module damaged.

    Anything else requires a Ford scanner to diagnose.

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