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Power Antenna Replacement

new 4/19/03


I'm not sure if you have this anywhere else on the website, but if it could be useful, here's a write-up of how to get to the power antenna in the SHO. I didn't take pictures because I didn't really know what I was doing until I was done :D The old antenna tail had broken off and was stuck in the motor housing.

This is assuming you already have the old mast taken off/out.

Tools needed:

8mm & 11mm sockets & wrench

1 philips head screwdriver

pliers (needle nose works better) if the plastic pressure fittings don't cooperate

1. Pop the trunk, and remove the three plastic plugs holding the carpet down on the left side (should be two on the fender side and one by the trunk lid)

2. Pull back the carpeting to reveal the CD changer, amp and antenna access

3. Remove the three 8mm bolt-head screws holding the CD changer in place to move it out of the way

4. Remove the 11mm nut and bolt (one of each) holding the antenna motor in place. Maneuver the assembly out, remove the clip, and unplug the antenna from the amp.

5. The antenna motor housing comes apart with 6 philips head screws. Remove the white plastic spool and pull out the broken part of the antenna tail.

6. Put it all back together in reverse order.

Replacement antenna masts can be found on ebay for under $20 almost anytime.


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