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Programming Spare Key 98-99

new 4/19/2004

Don't get your hopes up, you still need a Ford NGS tester and the proper program card for this, so this still won't help you if you have one key and NO friends that you can borrow the required tester and card from. Luckily I am blessed with some great friends and have this scan tool on loan for a little bit.

Don't let a dealer lie to you and tell you this is a 1 hour job. I just added a second key (only had one) to our 99 and including figuring out where to go I had this done in about 30 minutes. Now I could do it in 11 flat (it will take more than 10 minutes as there is a delay to get into the security module).

Equipment needed:
1 Good Friend who has a Ford NGS scan tool
1 FSF series card for above mentioned tool (when tool boots you will have
Version and P/N with a FSx Suffix. The card I used ended in FS1)

Connect and Power up tester
Turn ignition on with your one good key
Enter PATS subsystem on Tester
Select "Security Access" menu
There is a 10 minute delay before it lets you in, go grab a beer
and check up on your favorite baseball team, I did.
Select Model and year (98-99 Taurus will be an option)
Select Clear Ignition Key Codes
All codes will then be gone, select program key, and it will program the
key that is still in ignition, remove that key, install new key and turn
on, select "program Key" again.

Congratulations, you now have two keys programmed and saved yourself 80 bucks (see doesn't that beer taste good now) for a stealer to program the darn thing. I recommend now purchasing a third and programming it the normal way that way if you lose any of your keys you can still add a third because you will have two working keys.

Hope that helps,

Scott Krietemeyer
99 TG
96 MG



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