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Radiator Cleaning

New 03/03/2005

FYI - Cleaned out a radiator yesterday. The Before/ After shots are
BETWEEN the radiator and A/C Condener coils. Storm cloud is during the

Eric Lehmann



I had to change my SAI pump on my 96.(Took 1 1/2 hours)
It's been running a little hot since I put in the new motor. Wish I had pulled the radiator when everything was apart while the motor was out but Oh Well.
Anyhow - I made a nifty tool and test flew it tonight after the SAI pump made me take down the valance and airdam.
I took an old #10 file comb brush and tacked it to a long skinny steel bar - 1" wide by 1/4" thick by 36" long. Around this I made a makeshift "Halo" of 5/16" tubing with several small holes poked in the perimeter. I ran this tubing back down the bar and to an air fitting, holding it in place with tywraps down the bar. Airfitting went into a blowgun with 1/8" pipethread.
I loosened the 10mm nuts which hold the lower condenser mounts to the radiator and put small wedges between the condenser and radiator.
I brushed up and down over every square inch of radiator while blowing ~100PSI through the tubing "Halo" with the blowgun. The junk dislodged was amazing! I swept up about 1 full dustpan full that fell on the floor under the car - probably half again more blew all over the garage. I put a lighter in the dustpan just to add some scale to the picture.
I'll get back with temp readings after I drive the car for a few days.



Halo Brush        Eric In                 Side view            Debris cleaned

with air             action

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