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Radiator Trans Cooler By Pass

New 12/23/2004

Hi Doug, I want to bypass my Radiator tranny cooler. I already have a 18,000 GVW additional cooler installed by if I can recall do you sell a kit that's ready to go to bypass the existing Rad tranny cooler. Let me know. If not what fittings would I need.

The kit includes the cooler, all the lines, hoses, fittings, thermal bypass valve and killer instructions.

I do it this way because the cooler is sized correctly and has the larger fittings. I'd really rather not break up the kit. Our cooler is about 18" long, 9" high and about 1" thick (don't know what that is in Canadian...jk). It's a single pass, ultra low restriction tube and fin style cooler, but it's very efficient. Most plate type coolers do a good job but have too much restriction for me. A lot of tube and fin style coolers are also restricted with small inlet and outlet fittings. The whole point of this exercise is to get as much fluid thru the cooler and soak as much heat out of it while not reducing the flow due to restrictions. Cooler flow becomes lube. That means that the hot fluid that comes out of the converter, flows to the cooler and returns to the tranny and is directed into the lubrication circuits. So the cooled fluid lubricated the planetary gears and front part of the tranny. If you reduce the flow with a restricted cooler, you starve the lube circuits. This is a big reason for tranny failure. These things don't break, they burn up. My cooler kits solve that part of the problem.

My SCT tuning takes care of the T/C slip with A/C, which is another part of the problem.
Doug Lewis
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