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Ray Hansen - Cam Failure

new 7/17/02


I e-mailed you about three weeks ago about having a possible cam failure. I just confirmed that I did have a slave sprocket on the right hand side exhaust cam fail. Initial estimates are $4 to $5 Thousand and that is not taking into consideration other engine damage. I called NHSTA and also FOMOCO. FOMOCO says there is nothing they can do for me.

FAILED 06/23/2002
Highway coming down a mountain Mileage-88002 40 to 50 mph Constant speed
Purchased used on 06/07/2002
Mileage at time of purchase-86997
Raymond Hansen
Gillette Wy 82718

Ticking noise for about 300 miles before cam shaft failed. Engine quit while coming down mountain highway. No brakes, No Power Steering. Scary !!!!!

called 1-800-392-Ford, Said they have not heard of this problem and could not help me.

Dealer-Thunder Basin Ford
Gillette, Wy

Dealer confirmed cam shaft sprocket failure, I confirmed cam shaft sprocket failure, Estimate-$4 to $5 thousand FOMOCO can assist in helping pay for repairs to make me a satisfied Ford owner

Ray Hansen

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