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Rear SARC Sensor Removal


I'm upgrading my rear sway bar/end links/bushings and the !@#$%$ SARC sensor is connected both to the sway bar bushing bracket and the control arm. It appears to be attached to the control arm via a bolt & nut but either that nut isn't intended to come off (welded on?) or it's rusted on. In any case the bolt doesn't have any place to attach a wrench to on the other side of the control arm where it attaches to the sensor (opposite side of the control arm from the nut - hope that makes sense).

Where it attaches to the sway bar bushing bracket there doesn't seem to be a way to remove it without breaking something.

I would just leave it attached but I can't get get enough slack to get the rear of the bracket back into it's slot (the front of the bracket attaches to the car with a bolt, the rear is pressed into a slot to keep it in place).

Scott H.
Scott, you probably have a rusting problem. The subject line asks about removing the sensor. The photos are from a front SARC but it is similar to a rear unit. The sensor has a metal clip insert at each end to maintain connection with the two mounting point ball shaped ends (ball and socket connections). Look at the control arm end of the SARC (bottom) and on the front side of the attaching point you will see a small metal tab extending from a slot. I use the tip of a small screw driver to move this tab back (in direction of longer slot opening) to release its hold on the ball and slip SARC end off the ball. The other end is similar but the tab is behind the wires to the SARC.


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