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Rear Suspension Problem Question


Got a couple of questions for all you suspension gurus out there. I'm having some issues with my passenger rear wheel, I've been noticing some clunking and vibration, and lately it's been getting worse. This morning I noticed that the wheel is not sitting straight up and down, the top of the wheel is leaning in towards the car, and the bottom is leaning out, not significantly, but enough to notice. There is a little bit of play on the wheel.

For the questions, what could be the main cause of this, where should I start looking. How difficult is this to repair on a scale of 1-10 if I were to fix it, and how much should I be looking at if a mechanic is to fix it.

Thanks to any and all responses.

Jon Bell
They are notorious for breaking springs, so make sure you check that.

Springs are a good thing to consider, so is the strut mount.

Really not too much to go wrong back there.
Joe Roux
I had my springs go, with very similar symptoms.

Eric Hildebrand
Top strut mount or spring. Wasn't their some kind of TSB on the springs where they would break and puncture the tire...or was that just on the front?

k mier

That is actually a recall on the front springs on 99+ Taurii in Salt belt states.


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