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Rear COP Replacement Photos and How-To

New 11/5/06

OK so some detail that is not on the website for replacing the IMRC cable.

-Took off the appearance cover.

-Pulled the harness out of the 3 clips and removed the harness bracket (2 10mm bolts)

-Lifted the cable from it's retainer by compressing the rear side and pulled it through the bracket.

-Used a large screwdriver to actuate the runner cam to fully opened, then popped the holder on the end of the cable off the runner mechanism with needle nose pliers (thanks for the suggestion!)

-Removed 3 more 10mm bolts to take IMRC box off the car.

-Removed 4 philips screws from IMRC cover.

-Did not screw around - used 6 lb sledge and thin screwdriver to pop open IMRC cover by tapping it into the adhesive - worked very easily. (Yes - take a moment to chuckle at my use of the "Engineer's rule")

-Removed plastic hex screw (Thanks for the tip to keep me from breaking the circuit board!) and 5 metal screws - circuit board is loose.


How on earth do I free up the electrical connector to get out the circuit board?

What next?

How to I get the gears into the proper position when I put the motor back in so it is ready to activate the runner butterflies?

I have a bunch of detailed pics but my son is on the computer with the software to shrink them to list friendly size.

I'm also wondering if this cable is in fact the same one off the Duratec. I asked my buddy last night who used to be the PM for the 3.0 Duratec in what we call the Gen IV SLO, but he said by then it did not have butterfly valves.


Thanks Jim, Click on any thumbnail photo to enlarge to full size - Buford

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