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Rear Subframe Part Numbers

New 7/3/05

For those that may need them in the future, here are the part numbers for the REAR subframe bushings.  You would need to order 4 of each of these to do all 4 corners.  To install them on the fronts, you'll have to remove the subframe connectors (which isn't too bad if you can drop the Front of the SF a few inches to remove the 4 nuts that hold them in place from the top). 

F6DZ-5400396-A        List $13.02 Each
YF1Z-5400155-AA      List $15.58 Each

I had a hard time finding these part numbers, partially because they are listed as "insulators" in the parts catalog and not bushings.  Hopefully Larry or Tim can add this to FAQ when time allows as I was unable to find any search results there for the Part #'s either.

Scott Krietemeyer

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