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Rear View Mirror Replacement

New 7/19/05


The first toll on the SHO of the PHX heat occurred today. The rear view mirror fell off. Thankfully nothing broken or cracked.

I got the repair adhesive, but the instructions say to take the mounting button out of the mount and stick that to the windshield wait 15 mins and then mount the mirror.

Question is how do I take the mounting button out and then put it back in?



should be a very small Allen Set Screw. Metric, IIRC.


Can't see that screw anywhere, any other pointers?




Take this time too, to mount the mirror higher or lower to suit your needs.



Grasp inside rear view mirror (17700) firmly.

Insert small flat-bladed screwdriver into slot in bottom of rear view mirror mounting pad.

Use a twisting motion on the shank of the inside rear view mirror while prying with small flat-blade screwdriver inserted in slot in bottom of inside rear view mirror retainer (17C700).

Pull screwdriver rearward until inside rear view mirror snaps off inside rear view mirror bracket (17698).

I had my windshield replaced not so long ago. The new windshield simply has a wedge glued to the glass and the mirror simply slides on to the wedge from above.  No set screw. The set screw must have fallen victim to some of Ford's de-contenting. The wedge should simply slide out of Rav's mirror with minor encouragement.


Mine had nothing but a wedge fit, not even a space for a screw.

Carter Fuji

Rav, there are instructions in the service manual but I don't have mine here at work. If I remember correctly, there is a slot in the mirror base. This would be the lower end as viewed mounted on the windshield. A small screwdriver is inserted in the slot and leverage applied as if trying to pry the small wedge from the base. The wedge that glues to the windshield has a reverse taper along each long side. The base has cupped edges to grip these sides. This allows the wedge to sit in a recess in the hollow base when installed. Since the wedge is not fixed to something solid you will need an additional small screwdriver to slide it out of the base once you have levered up the end just enough to clear the base lip. The cupped edges of the base will spread slightly because of the tapered wedge edges. This design allows the base to lock in place without the need of a set screw.

Lucien Frederick

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