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Rear Wheel Hooting

New 01/22/2005

My rear wheel is hooting from 1 to 20 mph. It sounds like its a rusted part that is not moving freely. Could this be a bad wheel bearing? Above 23 mph the noise goes away ,but it makes itself known when I slow down or make a turn. It used to only happen after a rain had fallen, but now it happens no matter the weather. What could be the possible problem?

Warped rotor, stuck caliper or combo? Loose wheel bearing?

Check all three.

Don Mallinson

I'll second the stuck caliper, more specifically the slider pins. Remove,
clean and grease, re-install, and you should be fine. May as well throw new
pads and rotors on while you're at it.


The problem is not likely a wheel bearing. Bad wheel bearings make a roaring sound that gets louder with speed. Check the slider pins for torn boots and grease. Make sure they slide freely. At a speed where the noise occurs lightly apply the park brake and see if the noise stops. Hold the release out when you do this. The "whoot" noise is caused by the brake pads vibrating against the rotor.

Glen Murdock

What are the slider pins? Where do I find them?

#10 in the picture, The rubber boots are # 11.


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