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Recall 98S10

new 12/03/2003

According to this recall there is the possibility that the 18 gallon tank could have been installed.  It also states the 18 gallon tank is for the FFV vehicles.  It has an extra hole in it for the fuel system used on these vehicles.  If the car is not a FFV car then there will be a hole in your gas tank that is filled by a plastic shipping plug.  Very dangerous and highly unlikely.

The reason that some, and I have too, gotten over the 16 gallons into the tank is because of the expansion space and the delivery rate of the pumps.  The 16 gallon rating is only the nominal, EPA, CYA Ford rating.


Below is the gist of Recall 98S10......

  1. Raise and support vehicle.
  2. Inspect right rear corner of fuel tank for plastic plug. See Figures 1 and 2.

  3. Figure 1

    Figure 2

  4. If plastic plug is present, the fuel tank must be replaced. Proceed to "Fuel Tank Replacement." If plastic plug is not present, no service action is required. Return vehicle to customer.


  1. Lower vehicle.
  2. Install memory saver.
  3. Relieve fuel system pressure as follows:
    bulletUnscrew and remove fuel pressure relief valve cap.
    bulletConnect Multiport Fuel Injection Fuel Pressure Gauge T80L-9974-B to the fuel pressure relief valve.
    bulletOpen manual valve on gauge to relieve fuel system pressure.
  4. Disconnect battery negative cable.
  5. Drain fuel tank.
  6. Raise and support vehicle.
  7. Disconnect fuel filler and vent tubes from fuel tank hoses. See Figure 3.

    Figure 3

  8. Disconnect vapor line at rear of fuel tank. Refer to Figure 4.
  9. Disconnect EVAP canister vacuum line. See Figure 4.

    Figure 4

  10. Disconnect fuel supply and return lines at the fuel filter. Refer to Figure 5.
  11. Disconnect the fuel pump electrical connector. See Figure 5.

    Figure 5

  12. Support fuel tank with adjustable jack.
  13. Remove fuel tank straps retaining bolts. Position straps aside.
  14. Lower fuel tank.
  15. Place fuel tank on clean, flat work surface.
  16. Clean fuel tank to prevent foreign material from damaging components.
  17. Remove fuel filler and vent hoses from the fuel tank. Refer to Figure 6.
  18. Remove fuel control valve assembly from fuel tank. Refer to Figure 6.
  19. Disconnect and remove fuel pressure transducer. Refer to Figure 6.
  20. Remove fuel pump lock-ring, then remove fuel pump. See Figure 6.

    Figure 6

  21. Remove fuel pump seal.
  22. Discard original fuel tank.
  23. Place new fuel tank on clean, flat work surface.
  24. Lubricate and install fuel pump seal.
  25. Install fuel pump. Tighten lock ring until it contacts stops.
  26. Install and connect fuel pressure transducer.
  27. Install fuel control valve assembly to fuel tank.
  28. Install fuel filler and vent hoses to fuel tank.
  29. Position fuel tank on adjustable jack.
  30. Install fuel tank in vehicle. Tighten fuel tank straps to 30-40 Nm (22-30 lbft.).
  31. Remove adjustable jack.
  32. Connect fuel pump electrical connector.
  33. Connect fuel supply and return line at the fuel filter.
  34. Connect EVAP canister vacuum line.
  35. Connect vapor line at rear of fuel tank.
  36. Connect fuel filler and vent tube to fuel tank hoses.
  37. Lower vehicle.
  38. Fill fuel tank.
  39. Connect battery negative cable, then remove memory saver.
  40. Start and run engine.
  41. Raise vehicle.
  42. Inspect fuel system for leaks.
  43. Lower vehicle.

Contributed from the list.

This recall only applied to approx. 365 vehicles.1996 Taurus and Sable vehicles built through 8/18/96 and SHO built through 8/6/96. The vehicles involved had to have first been serviced under TSB 97-17-9. IMO, it is very unlikely that many, if any, SHO's had the wrong gas tank installed.

Glen Murdock
I did not presume so. The intent of the post was to SHO that to have the 18 gallon tank, you would have a hole in it with only a plastic shipping plug to fill the void. And was offered as proof that it is extremely unlikely that anyone does have an 18 gallon tank.


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