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Reinforced Motor Mount


The rear V8SHO reinforced Motor mounts will be available by Friday..

Cost I will discuss off line, It will be a core swap. Meaning I have a few to get rolling to dish out to people but will need the mount that is in your car returned.

I did mine last year and it made a decent difference with the motor rocking, it locks the back section down from rocking and will cut the rocking in half. Still working on developing the front but It will be a while.. 

My MTX mounts for the earlier gens are the firmest mount out there with causing minimal vibration, I’ve sold over a 50 now of the front and rears and just started making the trans mounts for those guys as well.. Its taken off so well that I'm getting the “extreme” mounts back as cores from others. On the dyno Fred Hurdders 400HP engine moves ¼ of an inch and has No vibrations.. Tim Tyners Turbo SHO with something like 350 lbs of TQ moves them about the same.. Do a search on the forum or ask SHOtimes about them if you have any concerns.

There is a waiting list now for the mounts larger than the cam weld list.. but the Gen 3 mounts should be a quicker turnaround.. 

They are HOT Urethane injected while on a press.. works out slick! Like I said I have two to start as of Friday so get your orders in quickly.. Be real nice on a Nitrous or SC car J

Kirk J Doucette


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