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Relays 101

New new 021/24/2005

Has anyone had any experience using relays to wire lights in? if so what do
you recommend?


Power for all of my switches from the lights are taken from the parking
lights except for the center ones which are hot all the time and also wired
to come on with the high beams. Relays are Lazer (Bosch re-labelled) 15 amp
units. Power for the lamps on the feed side of the relay is tapped from the
fused side of the alternator side of the under hood fuse panel.

Carter Fuji
'97 ES Whoosh

I've got so many relays in my car I had to start labeling them.....

The type of relay you want is determined by the expected load and duty.

All connect the same way. Signal and ground then power and switched
output.. Some of the relays have two outputs, one Normally Open NO,
and one Normally Closed NC. The state No and NC are the position of
the contacts with no power applied.

The 1" cube relays are usually rated at 20 A break NC/30 A make NO,
there are some rated at 20/40 which have better contacts internally.

If you want rapid switching then there are the solid state relays.
Almost all relays are rated at or near a million cycles. Solid state
relays usually open/close in 5 micro seconds or less, regular
mechanical are ~500 micro seconds or so.

The larger relays are called contactors and can carry very large amperage loads.

Paul Nimz


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