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Remove Stuck CD


Every time I disconnect the battery without first ejecting my CD magazine, I inevitably get a CD stuck.  I’ve been forgetful enough times that I’ve gotten pretty good at removing stuck CDs without damaging either them or the changer itself.  Below is a short write-up on how to do it yourself.



First, tools:

1 –  large Phillips screwdriver

1 – small Phillips screwdriver

1 – small standard screwdriver

1 – 7mm socket



Next, open the trunk and locate the tabs that hold the carpeting in around the changer:


How to remove pushpins:


Insert standard screwdriver underneath lip on small inner square in center of pushpin.  Pull nner square out until you feel a slight click, then insert screwdriver underneat base of pushpin and pop entire pin out.



Pull carpet out of the way to reveal the CD changer (and RCU).


Next, unbolt the CD changer from the car, and unplug the harness to the RCU.

Now remove the two side brackets.


Then remove the side panels.  NOTE: do NOT remove the screws on the base of the CD changer.


Now you must first align the CD head with the proper slot on the magazine.  Rotate the black gear shown to line up CD.

Now release the CD from the head.


Now carefully push CD back into magazine.  It helps to use the small standard screwdriver to carefully push on the end of the CD, but don’t press on face of CD or you’ll permanently damage the disc.



Now we meed to make sure the pin that ejects the CD from the magazine to the disc has been retracted. 


Now that the pin is retracted, we can eject the magazine.  Locate eject tab and press it with small standard screwdriver.




Now reassemble CD changer and reinstall in car, in reverse order as removal.



-Daniel Holtman


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