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Remove Stuck CD

New 5/15/05

Hi Larry,

I though you might want to add this to V8SHO.COM.

Loaded up the JBL CD magazine in my 96 SHO, the thing "wedged" while I was browsing the CDs. Displayed "NO CD", couldn't eject the CD Magazine.

I used the procedure described by Scott Krietemeyer (Below) - worked like a charm!

#1 next time that the cartridge won't eject take a piece of thin plastic or maybe even stiff thin cardboard (like credit card thickness and slide it down open side of the cartridge, as I believe this may have pushed the CD back into the magazine without pulling the thing apart and removing it from the car.

I used a strip of plastic that I cut from a WD Hard Drive package - probably half as thick as a credit card?


David Conners


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