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Removing the Front Bumper

new 07/27/2004


This link shows many good things; headlight removal, air deflector removal, bumper cover removal as well as installing an ATX cooler.

Paul Nimz


Great site! A few notes: The bolts/screws listed as "6mm or 7/32" are actually 5.5mm heads. At least, my 5.5mm socket fit them like a glove, and everything else on the car is metric, so I think it's a pretty safe assumption.

The other thing is, that unless you absolutely feel the need to remove the splash cover and worry about all of those goofy screws, you really only need to remove the 3 screws that hold the shield to the subframe, and the two outermost screws that attach the bumper cover to the wheel wells. Then, when the bumper cover comes off, it'll have the splash shield still attached to it, which saves you a decent amount of headache (and dirt and sand falling on your face) over removing all of those screws along the front edge of the splash shield.

-John Breen III


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