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Replacement Headlights Gasket Deteriorating

New August 7, 2011

Has anyone else had this happen? The rubber gasket that surrounds the lens is turning into goop on the top middle of each headlamp...

And, to go ahead and send the read on another direction form the get go, how much trouble would it be to switch a front fender if I found a replacement in the correct color?

The dent from the deer is certainly not as bad as it could have been, but I would rather it not be there.


Funny you should ask about the fender. Just did that.

I don't know. Took about 5 hours of on and off piddling. Wasn't trying
very hard, lots of beers, lots of distractions.
It is a little awkward when you have to take off the hood hinge.

Eric Lehmann
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And of course you took pictures. :) Thanks.

This little how-to makes it seem pretty easy. I think the helper when putting it back on is a key to it, too. :)


Take a look and see if they missed anything?

I just got new hood struts when I changed out the battery. One side will hold it up all by itself, and when I release the safety latch, the hood opens the rest of the way on its own. :)

My nephew was going to close the hood when we were done putting in the refrigerant, and after he saw how much force it was going to take to close it, he decided to let me do it, since if it was going to damage the hood, he did not want to be the one to do it.

And to meander a little bit more in this thread, when I replaced the battery at Autozone, I had bought the red top before ( probably because that is all they had in stock ) and was thinking of replacing it with the gold top, since it was only $10 more. The warranty left on my 5 year old battery was about $15 IIRC.

The counter guy had already told me that if you buy the di-electric grease and the little green and red pads with the battery, that they often give a discount when it rings up, but he can't guarantee it, since it doe snot always happen.

When I asked about the gold top instead, he mentioned that if you replace a part with the exact same part, you often get a discount for that too.

Well, the red top battery was about $95 or a little more. And after getting the pads, grease, and the same battery, the total price, after tax and fees, and the $15 warranty adjustment was about $58. Ifigure the other discounts were about $30 or so.

So I went ahead and bought the prop rods and an oil filter...

I don't know exactly what all the discounts were for, since I never looked at the receipt. I just did not think about it. A customer had called as I was just pulling into the AZ, and the time they wanted to meet gave me just enough time to get the battery swapped and to get there. I swapped the hoop struts while they did the battery.

It was a new store, but I have no idea if that is why there were any additional discounts.



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