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Replacement CD Changer

new 1/9/03


After suffering through a year and 1/2 with the stock CD Changer mounted in the trunk, I couldn't stand it any more. Constant skipping, searching for disc's drove me nuts. (What kind of moron puts a CD changer directly over a wheel well??) I needed an alternative that even I, the mechanically challenged, could quickly and easily install.

Buried deep in the V8 Site I found a small snippet about another frustrated music lover. He suggested www.CDChangersOnline.com

Went to the site, lo and behold 10 Disc changer, mounts anywhere you what with an easy to use factory ready harness to the RCU.

My wife took pity on me, ordered it for me for a Christmas present. Christmas afternoon, there I was mounting and installing the unit. SWEETNESS!! Driving home, on a road that I would have previously just turned off the CD player not a single skip. Found all 10 discs, even ones I have burned, which was the single biggest problem I had in the old unit. I was in music heaven.

Went to Peoria to see some SHO Friends, SHO'd off the new changer. 

On the way home, WHAM the gate stuck, no power. I was sad. Sent quick e-mail fearing another e-business hassle. Quite the opposite, Scott was beyond helpful. Few quick troubleshooting questions, and a fast RA# to return the unit.

In the box it went and off to UPS. Got an email three days later, was a problem with my harness. Replaced the harness, shipped it back, and to my amazement waived the $20.00 testing fee.

Reinstalled the unit, cycled it and ran it over the "test" road. Lots of pot holes, tar strips etc. Works like a champ.

If you are tired of the same problems I had, I highly encourage you to check them out. Fair price, piece of cake install, and it does exactly what it is supposed to do. 

Larry E
97 Red


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