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Replacement Coils

3/1/03, UD 03/18/2005

Just found out that you can get the Ford coils at NAPA. The Echlin brand coil I bought had an IC61 part number on the box. I was out the door for $73 and they had it in stock.

In a discussion I had with Ian Macoombi today he mentioned a specific test that we might be able to do to test the coils. Paul Nimz had told me to check the resistance between the contacts on the plug, but I didn't really get anywhere with that. Ian said maybe Kirk would know what he was talking about. Kirk?


Jamie Best
'97 SHO - nicknamed Ms Fire 

> $44 seems too good to be true! I just checked AutoZone's website and
> they list them for 90 bucks! This is what I got off their website:
> COIL - IGNITION: WELLS C1066 3 MO $92.99
> FWIW, What's the part number that they give for the coils for 44 bucks?
> Greg
> 97 TR

getting them at a shop here (Partsource) and they can't get them. In fact they couldn't get any from any aftermarket source. They ended up buying them from the dealer and took a loss on them as a customer service write-off. I got them for $88 and they paid $160 (both Canadian).

UAP/NAPA has the coils here in Canada listed as Erlich coils but when you get them their genuine Motorcraft coils. I can get them for $88 Cdn or about $59-62 US.

I'm guessing that the only coils available are the Ford coils.
Ian Macoomb


Item Part
Warranty Core Value Unit
Price Availability 
Store Web 
WELLS C1066 3 MO $92.99 

I also need the part number for the coils that are for $44. Thanks danny from NYC

Here is NAPA price

Echlin Ignition Ignition Coil

Item#: ECHIC61 

Price: $ 109.00 
tax and shipping not included 

Usually ships in 24 hours. 

Attributes: Ignition Coil 

Warranty: Limited 12 Months 

Here is a good pdf file on the wells COP. Not specific to ours but
has some good info.


In fact there is a bunch of stuff here.



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