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Replacement Engine Options

new 11/22/02, updated 12/07/02,1/7/03

Lawd forbid my engine checks out tomorrow AM,

My choices are NEW crate engine from fud-mud-cud, if they were not out of them, if they were willing to sell it to me, $13,000 - not welded and not pinned. Warranty?

A rebuilt Jasper engine, pinned, for $8,330 exchange. Warranty?

A pinned rebuilt from SHO Shop - no core charge - $6,500 - one year warranty

American Engine - 6 month to lifetime warranty , might be pinned or welded $4,100 labor include.

Bone yard engines not welded or pinned, $2500 - $4000+ labor not included. Not rebuilt, may not be any good.
from http://www.car-part.com/

I am happy SHO owners have another choice, Is SHO SHOP ripping folks off? I just don't see it that way. I think Vadims' work and  pinning is worth $2,000 so factor it in. If we ever get a recall I would expect pinned not welded cams from Ford.

I am rather loath to strike out at someone who provides a reasonable option. I could afford to get my cams welded; So I welded them. I would not turn down a set of pinned cams fro SHO Shop if offered, given my state of poverty.

Picks your choices, pay your monies,


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