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Replacement Ford Brake Pads

new 4/23/03

One one time I recommended Carbotech brake pads for gen 3 SHO, at least for track use.  Ford pads are OK for street and autocross use but for track use I preferred the Carbotech pads. Bad news is Carbotech no longer sells the "Super Street F" pads and reports suggest the Panther pads are not recommended for the street. (too grabby)

Carbotech now has a Bobcat pads, Panther Plus pads and Panther XP pads. How do they work on a SHO?  I don't know.

We do know to avoid replacement Motorcraft SHO pads.

If you must by Ford pads, which are actually very good, this is what you want thanks to Paul Nimz:

Use Ford pads, not Motorcraft. Big difference.

Front Ford pads XF3Z-2001-CB

Rear Ford pads F8DZ-2200-AA 

Paul Nimz
'97 TR SHO
'93 EG mtx SHO

Every convention we learn a little more about our brakes on the track.  Get your brakes figured out BEFORE the convention, see you at Madison.


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