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Replacement Headlight Assemblies

new 10/23/03, updated 07/23/2007


In the past I have had a couple of different headlights brands, Eagle Eye (which at the time were junk) and TYC along with OEM Ford.

By far the best are the OEM ones. The Eagle Eyes (back 4 years ago or so) started to yellow in 6 months. The TYC ones take a couple of years.

I just saw that at Direct Auto Parts, where I got my TYC ones, they offer a lifetime guarantee and this includes yellowing and discoloration as confirmed by their response to my email.

Looks like it's time for some more new headlights.



Paul Nimz _______________________________________________________________

Gen 3 headlights are perhaps the LEAST satisfactory aspect of Gen 3 performance, it is easy to over drive them. The problem becomes worse as they age and yellow. If my memory is correct a replacement from Fud cost $250-$200. One may be reluctant to spend $500 to replace two yellowing but functional headlamp assemblies.

Paul Nimz found this:

You can get new headlight housings here.  Be sure to specify the TYC brand as only acceptable.


Paul Nimz
'97 TR
'93 EG mtx

These folks have them for $75, and Paul likes them, so what could be better?

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