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Replacement Radiators

new 4/30/03

I tried Paul Nimz's advise and tried www.radiator.com . They have a program, not a real person to give advise. 

I was quoted this for an aftermarket radiator
"The part itself costs $169 with a lifetime warranty and $149 with a one year warranty. The labor is probably no more than $89-- that's a wholesale rate assuming you went with our installation centers and about 1/3 what you'd pay at the dealer. Would you like me to get you an exact labor quote?"

"You're welcome to call any time and speak with a parts tech to figure out which radiator you need. My name is Chuck but any of us can help you out. The number is 800-228-8068 and we're here now."

Well I tried the phone number twice, each time I got the message that the mailbox was full. Is this a SHO or SLO radiator? 

Maybe later we can get this worked out when they are open?

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