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Replacing Door Window Seals


Anyone replaced the seals around the front door windows? First the
Passenger side and then the drivers side have popped the tiny
under-engineered tabs that hold this in. They have snapped at the back
of the window, letting it pop out and pretty loud wind noise results.

With the Passenger side, I used 3M weatherstrip glue and glued it back
in, but I had to stand pushing in on them for about an hour to make sure
it stayed put. For the drivers side, I am considering just filling the
crack with clear windshield sealant, don't want that wind noise all the
way to Seattle.

If you have replaced these, let me know how hard it is to do.

Don Mallinson
1 hour and one beer per door..

you will need to replace two rivets that are under the side-view mirror. So you will have to drill those out and install new pop rivets there.

The part is called the "window Run" There are bolts in the bottom of the door that mount the bottom ends, the top (aft) clips in with those POS pegs with two rivets on the forward side. I think the part for each side is just short of three figures at the stealer IIRC.

Scott K (Beaker)

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