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Requiem For A RoseMist

new 4/18/2004, 4/19/2004,4/20/2004

Anyone who visits SHO forum will see that yesterday I totaled my SHO. I was entering a semi-tight sweeping right curve around 40-50 and the tail came out. I wasn't concerned at that point feeling full well the car was within my control, this was a turn I've taken many times before at far quicker speeds with no incident, even in the  SHO ( summer run  2002 ) as soon as I came straight, I ran off the road to the right, causing me to turn hard left thereby bringing the tail end around the other direction. From there I entered an uncontrollable skid and ran right front first into a tree, which flipped us over as we fell about 8 feet off the road into a ditch. The car was suspended by the tree and came to rest upside down at about a 45-60 degree angle. I was unable to unclip my seat belt ( the cop said I wasn't wearing one, I have the rash to prove it however ) and crawled out through the moonroof. My wife was pinned in the car as the major impact was right at the front of the passenger side door. there is about 12-18 inches of room between the center console and the door now. They used the jaws of life to get her out.

My wife and I are battered and bruised but alive. The car, now a mangled wreck, saved our lives better than I could have imagined. Never would I have thought that I could have went through a rollover accident in that car, be ambulanced to the hospital while my wife was rushed by helicopter, only to walk out 4 hours later with no broken bones, just bruises and scratches from the glass, most likely lessened by the thick tint.

Obviously I have plenty around here to keep me busy, I'll be signing off for a while.

Good luck to all of you,

96 RM unreplaceable and now gone forever

Glad to hear everyone made it out alive. How is the wife?

Even though it was a rare car, it is more important that you are okay, regardless of car color, it did it's job and protected the inhabitants.

Scott Krietemeyer


I really hate to hear about the loss of the SHO, but am very relieved to know that you and your wife are both OK.....I couldn't imagine what you are dealing with and wish you both a speedy recovery from the bumps, bruises, and scratches.
I'm sure others will agree here, let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do to help.
Take care,

Rick Glass


Glad to hear you both made it out relatively unscathed.
Let me know if I can help.



Glad you made it out okay. Too bad for the car.

I was in Kevin Montero's Rose Mist '96 when we put it in a ditch 85 mph going around a corner. We came out without a scratch but we were both hurting for weeks afterwards. A testament to the safeness of the design.



It is stories like this that make me more comfortable letting my irreplaceable
17 year old drive the SHO.

How about some pics!

Paul L Fisher


Thank you all for your support and comments.

They certainly mean alot to us.

I must extend my word of praise to LSSHOC. It must be known that these folks were there with us every step of the way, never before have I been witness to such an outpour of support for such strangers. These people are certainly kings among commoners in my book.

No, I wasn't racing, as I mentioned before I think it was just a bad turn of events. I wasn't going that fast and up until I saw the tree coming at me I had every confidence thought that nothing was going to happen. I've driven this road many times before at quicker speeds without incident, the corner itself isn't difficult to negotiate.

It's all up to the insurance company now, but I'd venture to say the engine is probably not saveable. The whole car looked pretty crushed up, but as soon as I know what to expect in terms of settlement, I'll let everyone know where the car will be if someone wants the motor, because yes indeed that was one clean and well cared for engine.

I'm going to unsubscribe for a short while until I can work this out, but I'll keep the list posted through other channels.

Take care all,



The important thing is that you and the Mrs are OK. I wish you well.
Steve '97 TR


Best wishes to you and your wife - I may be p***** at Ford over the cams, but I thank the day they built the car the way they did. You aren't the first person to take on solid objects and lose the car but essentially walk away.
Hope to see you around.

Larry Eck


I have a number a new cam failures to report and post. All have been replied to personally by me. However, after seeing what happened to Damien, I felt it important to get this on the site quickly.

I think it important that we take a moment and realize that although we love these cars for their "sleeper" quality, the 96-99 achieved a 5 star crash rating. Makes me wonder sometimes after getting info like this why they just didn't apply the same logic to the workings of the motor. Ford deserves credit for building one safe car with soul.




No Larry,

I don't mind, In fact, I sincerely hope you stress the point that the car saved our lives.

I will be sending you pictures of the wreck, that I'd also humbly request you post along with some images of the car moments before. I should warn you though, the images of the wreck show some blood, but all of it came from superficial wounds, not horrific mortal gashes.

I loved this car more than the new one I bought 2 years ago. Through all the cam issues I never gave up any hope on her, listing her for sale was actually hard for me to do and I was relieved inside that nobody wanted her. Losing her this way just wasn't deserved, but it's happened and we're alive and that is really all that matters in the end.

Lastly, I'd like v8sho.com to try to use this to bring about some "positivity" regarding this vehicle. Because when we really needed it, she was there.

Thank you and all the members who expressed concern,



Can you imagine being a surviving passenger in any other car of this type?? Ford at least did this right.



I'm happy to hear that you and your wife are ok. The next few days are key to being aware of any delayed onset injuries. If you have a regular chiropractor make an appointment, if not maybe find one. Spinal mis-alignment injuries are usually delayed and mis-diagnosed by medical doctors as the symptoms are not associated with the root cause.

Don McKinnon
96 Black - Borla
95 MTX White/Tan - Many mods


Holly Sheep Dip!!! Play the Lotto! You are one lucky man!

Paul L Fisher


Showed those pictures to my wife last night.
She could not believe the amount damage the car took..
Now she at least knows one aspect of why i wanted the car.


Damien, I am so glad to hear that you two are okay. I showed this to a guy
in class and he asked if someone was killed. Take it easy and keep the
remote close :).

Milw WI.


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