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Rim Fitment - Part 3

new 7/28/03, 7/29/03

Thanks much for his number Mr. Wright. I'll let him know you sent me.

As for offset from sizing. Through a great deal of research into what has worked for others, and my own experience, I've found that 38-40mm offset works best up 8" width and a 235 tire width works best, though wider will work up 255 if the fenders are rolled. My 18x8 40mm offset rims have been on the car for a couple years now, and not once have I rubbed the strut or the fender, and this includes some very spirited trips through the twisties of back roads and highway on/off ramps. I simply can't agree with your guide on your site. It's a fact that without changing outside diameter, I could easily run 235/35ZR19's on 19x8 rims. On the same note, with a bit of rubbing on occasion I know that you may run a 245/35ZR20 on a 20x8 rims, if you can find them. 19's and 20's have both been done on 3g's.

Also, just so you know, 3rd generation SHO's and SLO's share identical suspension configuration and offsets, etc. The only difference is in the sporty tuning of your springs and shocks, and the SARC system, neither of which effect tire sizing.

I'm not trying to say the wheel size guide on your site is inaccurate in all ways, just that it needs updating with current info, not guestimates of what might work from back before anyone had tried much. Hope my info is appreciated.

Eric Freburg

I am less confident of my guessing with 17 x 8, than I am with 17 x 7.5 with which I have a little experience. This is what I think I know.

My 17 x 7.5 are 8.00" wide. From the mounting face they go in 5.77" and stick out 2.228" with a 45 mm offset. They also wear early on the inside edge and live with in 1/4" of the strut.

I think, (not sure) 17 x 8.0 with a 35 mm offset (team dynamics size) should come in 5.878" and go out 3.122", that is of the .5" gain in tire width only 1/10" is wider inboard, 4/10" is wider going out, and I am guess that the 1/10" loss will be tight but still work.

I know wide 16" rims are a pill to fit because because the smaller rim diameter with the slanted strut is tighter and if I remember you need 35 or 40 mm offset with 16 x 7.5 because you have to get he rims away from the struts.

I have zero first hand experience with rims 18" or bigger on a SHO. In theory because the strut is further inboard yet again you can use MORE offset if desired. The problems with less offset is that of torque steer, bearing life. and aesthetics. 

For me, and many others,  the problems with rims 18" and larger are unsprung weight, rotating mass, stopping distance and comfort.

At Black Hawk Farms we noticed that non-SARC 99 SHO had 3"-4" more body roll in the same corner as SARC equipped cars. Therefore tire rim combinations that may work on 96-98 SARC equipped may interfere with fenders or inner fenders on other SHOs or Tauri.

My front tires can rub my inner fender where my air filter is now mounted if I push hard in the corners. I have 235/45-WR17 Bridgestone S-03 which are just 1/10 taller than my old Yokohama AVS Sports of the same size.

I have never rolled my SHO fenders, maybe because my tires stick IN so far and not OUT so far.

 And I also want to mention that even though I have no plans to go to 18" rims I know others will, speaking for them I am very grateful for your information. I have been trying to get 2 pieces of information about 18" rims on SHOs, offset and tire/wheel weight. Now at least I have an idea what offset will fit.


Mr. Wright, the 18's(before my exhaust and intake) made me run a 16.0, while with my stockers I ran a 15.4. So, yes, those 18's are way to heavy, but I think a set of Pro-Race 2's in 18" with the same 235/40ZR18 tire would end up being about the same total 35lbs as my stock 15's with their 205/65R15s. Plus, the handling difference between stock on the 18's is night and day, so I don't mind a small sacrifice in straight line for more fun in my daily drive. Glad to help out any time.

Eric Freburg

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