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Robin Perry Cam Failure #394


I'm having a huge issue with my '97 v8 SHO. The engine has failed. After taking it to 3 shops, who had no idea what was wrong with it, I finally broke down and took it to the dealership. I was given several theories regarding what happened, involving the water pump, a coolant leak, etc. but none of these theories seem to make sense, because the engine lights never came on, and the temperature gauge never went into the red. I asked a few friends who are experienced mechanics what would happen if these theories were true, and they said that the engine would freeze and the car wouldn't start. I asked what would happen in a cam shaft failure, and they said the car would run, but horribly. That is exactly the case. I called Ford, and asked what they would do regarding the issue, and mentioned that I was looking at a list of 402 complaints of this nature from just one website. They said that because of the class action lawsuit (which they admitted to) they could do nothing until the lawsuit was decided. I have already purchased another vehicle, because the price I was quoted for repair was $16,000 not including labor. How may I add my name to the lawsuit? Do I have to keep the car in order to join the lawsuit? Would I have to have the cam shaft failure documented? Know anyone who would want to purchase the car as is?

Robin Perry

Further Details Pending


***Note this replaces The Farmers as Failure #394 totals remain the same***


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