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Rod Bearings - Analyze This

New 03/25/2005

I've had a knock in my motor that has slowly been getting worse. At
first thought it was the PS pump, then cam, then valves. None of them
though. So on the advice of Eric L and Larry E. I pulled the rod
bearings out.

Cylinders 3 and 7 were loose on the crank to the point I could move the rod.

Here is a picture of the bearings. Cylinder 1 is on the left. Top
bearings are at the bottom of the picture. 1-5-2-6-3-7-4-8

Also notice the top ones are the ones worn. The bottom bearings all
look good.

#3 has a piece chipped out and # 2 has a scratch (this may have been
caused on removal.

I have not looked closely at the crank yet.

These bearings don't look near as bad as the V6 bearings I pulled out
of the '93 a couple of years ago. One of them was actually cracked in
half. Assuming the crank is good, how do I go about doing the
plasti-gage thing?


Wow! Those look not worn at all! My '93 was kind of like yours, one was
cracked, one was pitted copper and the rest showed lots of copper.

Paul L Fisher

Kinda look exactly like mine - except #5 was dust in the oil pan. So sad.


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